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Apivar - 60 Pack
Backyard Beekeeping Supply Co.

Apivar - 60 Pack


Apivar is the only Amitraz-based apiary product that treats successive generations of Varroa mites, reducing the mite population in the hive by up to 99% in one application.

Use 2 strips per 5 frames of bees (a 10 pack would treat 5 full hives)

  • Active ingredient, Amitraz 3.3%
  • Two strips per brood chamber

Apivar works by contact; The active ingredient is delivered continuously over time. As the bees walk on the surface of the strip they pick up molecules and then distribute them throughout the colony.

Treat all colonies within the same yard at the same time. Rotate with different chemical groups that control the same pests.  

Shipping available in Canada Only.  Picture is of 10 pack but this item is the 60 pack.

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