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Bee Chats

Do you want help with the basics?  Our goal is to help new beekeepers with regular Bee Chats where we can take more time with the details.  We help you get answers to your questions so you can be a more confident beekeeper!

For more information or to register email: 

Bee Chat - Becoming a beekeeper - January 23rd, 7pm

You are curious about bees or maybe you've already decided to become a beekeeper and are full of questions.  This intro chat covers the basics of what to expect in terms of your time, costs, 'types' of beekeeping as well as gives you helpful links and resources.  Bring all your new-bee questions!

Cost $25 per person.  Email to register - space limited.


Bee Chat - First Steps  - March 19th, 7pm

This session will go over the details of your first weeks with your bees.  We will start with a review of the equipment so you can be confident your hive is properly set up.  We will review the process of installing your nuc (nucleus of bees) and what to expect in your first weeks and months with your bees.  Questions welcome!            Cost $30 per person or $45 per couple

Bee Chat - Summer Beekeeping  - June 18th, 7pm

You've had your bees for a month and have more questions!  Come sit with other new beekeepers and go through building up your hive, looking ahead to extracting and more!!
Cost $30 per person or $45 per couple

Bee Chat - Fall/Winter Beekeeping  - June 16th, 7pm

Even though it's still warm outside you need to have your fall and winter plan in mind.  We will review the steps you need to give your bees the best chance at over-wintering.   We will review extracting as you prepare for your fall harvest and all the other 'products' your hive has to offer.  
Cost $30 per person or $45 per couple