Bee School

Learning about Bees for Kids and Adults

Bee school is how I have shared my passion for bees since 2013.  My talk includes the basic biology of the bee, the way to distinguish between bees and wasps, why bees are so important to us, what we can all do to help and more.  Of course, I also share plenty of cool facts about bees!

Bee school is an hour but can be tailored. I present information interactively for 30 minutes followed by an opportunity to:

  • hold a full frame of honey
  • taste some of our honey
  • take a close up look at pollen
  • get your hands on some of the bee equipment like empty frames, smoker (not lit!), and candles. 

Our bees are kept naturally, without the use of antibiotics or artificial chemicals. Their honey is raw and unpasteurized.  All of our hives are kept on a local organic farm, other than the one hive in our backyard, hence the name of our company – The Backyard Honey Company.


I include a brief flyer to be sent home to the parents to provide basic information about such things as:

  • how to liquefy honey that has crystallized
  • how to remove a stinger correctly
  • bee vs. wasp info
  • some plant suggestions should anyone want to “feed the bees” in their backyard

I also include information about my honey so that they can order products that will be brought to the talk.

As a local, small-scale beekeeper, I appreciate the opportunity to share Bee School and the exciting world of bees with such a curious audience!

This talk is great for schools, camps, parties or just a gathering of children who need a fun way to spend an hour!! Please contact me to set up a date at or call 519-465-3378.