Retail Locations

We are small-scale beekeepers with about 40-50 hives in Wellesley.   We believe in keeping bees as naturally as possible and that it is our job to learn how bees work and to support them in any way we can. Our honey is sold from our home as well as the below locations. We generally don’t ship as we believe it’s best to buy local but if you don’t have a good source or really just want something special we offer, please email us and we will be happy to help!!

Backyard Honey Company

🏡2665 Berlett’s Road, Wellesley, Ontario

Aura-La Corner Bakery  324 Frederick St., Kitchener

Charles Quality Meats  401 Weber Street North, Waterloo

Mama Earth Organics – Under Pantry/Sweeteners

Relish Cooking Studio   70 Victoria Street North, Kitchener

Vibrant Farms  2669 Carmel-Koch Road, Baden