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Backyard Beekeeping Supply Co are valued!! are valued!!

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Taster Jar Flavour
Honey Caramel

Celebrate someone special with a beautiful box of gifts from the hive!  Tailor the box to suit them.

The box comes with:

- a 190ml jar of our Liquid Wildflower Honey
- a 2 piece box of our delicious Honey Caramels - you choose the flavours
- a candle of your choice 
- a 2 ounce taster jar, you pick the flavour

The label inside the box will read "Bee-cause you are Valued!"   To:____   From: _____  

If you want the names on the label to be different from the name you put in the payment information, just leave a note in the comments.

Of course if you want something different on the label, just put this in the comments and we will happily make that change!  

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